The Weightless Waffle Hair Wrap

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This Waffle Hair Wrap works wonders for your locks.  Made from clean sustainably sourced cotton and free from B.S.  Start your day off on the right foot with these soft, absorbent beauties that dry your hair faster and reduce your frizz/breakage .

Made from 100% Cotton that is sustainably sourced with care and ethically manufactured as part of the Better Cotton Initiative to ensure fair wages, transparency and traceability. Our premium Bath Essentials are OEKO-Tex Certified and free from harmful chemicals and toxins so you and your skin can feel great. Choose from 8 nature inspired tones and find the perfect Hue for your bathroom paradise. These sets pair perfectly with our new Bath Towels and Waffle Robes to complete the collection.



100% BCI Cotton

Oeko-Tex 100 Certified

100% Solar Powered Factory

Dyed Using Recycled Water

Recycled Labels

Verified Customer reviews
Love the color and texture - These are gorgeous. Love, love, love!
— Calley P.
I bought these towels since I live in a very humid area and wanted them to actually possibly dry between each use. They're working remarkably well, and I've been pleasantly surprised that they actually feel more protective and cozy, and comforting than thick plush towels. They drape and hug my skin so much more easily than (what I realize now) is rather stiff terrycloth. Yay and thank you!
— Margaret R.
These Towels are not only stylish and look great on my towel rack, but they work as good as they look! Thanks for the help with my Happy Place!
— Nick W.
Luxe Waffle Bath Collection

Bath Bliss

Elevate you bathroom with our luxurious waffle bath collection. These soft and absortbent towels are loomed from sustainable BCI cotton into a beautiful texture that is soft and comfortable against your skin.