She's Fun, she's Colorful, she Makes Us Laugh. Pretty much the perfect recipe for a Happy Thoughts Feature. Victoria McGrath is a makeup artist, style freak and mom extraordinaire. Her passion for life comes out in every job she does, every get up she puts together and pretty much every time she opens her mouth. Our kind of lady 🙂

Let's start with style...Your's is AMAZING! What inspires your style?

I’m inspired by everything and everyone. I love clothes! I love that everyday we are a blank canvas and our clothes can turn us into anyone we want to be for the day or night. I love men’s style, I love vintage, I love mixing genres, I love combining hard and soft, I love combining sporty and girly, and urban and athleisure. I loveeeee homeless chic. I often describe my style as homeless to hot. Which to me usually includes a hoodie and big sunglasses and platforms of some kind. 

To keep the compliments rolling...We love your professional work, what got you started as a makeup artist?

Well I got my degree in fashion design actually, I always thought I would either be a pop star or a weirdo fashion designer but instead I started working at MAC right after I graduated and became a mom. And after a few years realized I sucked at retail and just wanted to work with creatives in production so I started collaborating with friends, meeting lots of people, working with modeling agencies , doing lots of stuff for trade or hardly any money until I started meeting people who would pay me! I basically just made lots of friends a long the way who I’m fortunate enough to get to work with almost everyday on lots of very different things! 

Any tips for any looks you have been into lately, that we can attempt at home? 

I don’t wear very much makeup because I’m lazy but my main tips are usually … skin care is important because the better you take care of your skin the less makeup u HAVE to wear. I like skin to look like skin. I do love the lip cheat lip liners from Charlotte Tilbury and the lip injection by too faced for nice full plump lips that look natural. I have plenty of tips really and happy to give personalized tips to anyone who wants them!

January 06, 2022