Fitness and Health Begins in the Mind. Everything else, is in theory an extension. To back this philosophy, we interviewed our friend and specimen of health Keoni Hudoba... Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Keoni!

How does your physical health tie back to your personal happiness?

 I truly believe these two go hand in hand. I've gone through my own personal transformation/weight loss journey and it all started with acceptance. Acceptance of my sexuality, of where I was at physically and mentally, and ultimately how I needed to change. I was a closeted male, that was addicted to food, which became by shield my mask. I ate myself to a weight that was extremely unhealthy in order to mask my truth. To protect me from the questioning that society puts on us. After years of this battle, my mind took over and I was done living a lie. I acknowledged and was proud to say that I was a member of the LGBTQ community, and from that day on the sky was the limit. I started eating better, working out all of the time, taking care of myself not only physically but mentally. I was becoming the person I always knew I could be. Once I authentically accepted myself, it's now been my mission to share my knowledge in the health and wellness space with others looking to better themselves. This truly makes me happy. 

Happy Place - Keoni Hudoba

Cracking into your secrets here... Could you share your morning health routine with us?

So, I am definitely a morning person, even on holiday. I love to kick-off my day with my daily vitamins: D3, wellness formula, Vitamin C, and a multivitamin. That's usually followed by a breakfast of egg whites and ezekiel cinnamon raisin english muffin with irish butter. After breakfast, I usually put my yoga mat out and do a flow or stretch to get my body going. 9AM it's showtime...I teach 100 people virtually, Monday-Friday. a program I started on day 1 of lockdown called COREntine+.

Ok here's a hard one... New York or Hawaii?

Wow! How could you do this to me? That is a very tough one. To be honest there is such beauty in both of them. They both offer an incredible sense of home and familiarity. You can escape to nature in both of them. I go upstate all the time, for hiking, waterfalls, and exploring. They offer incredible culinary experiences and have an immense amount of diversity and culture. New York and Hawaii would be my final answer haha.

Happy Place - Keoni Hudoba Hawaii
Happy Place - Keoni Hudoba Hawii

How do you unwind and find your Happy Place?

Let me tell you, I love to go go go. I love hustlin, creating new projects, and working on new ventures. Living in this incredible city, it truly is the city where dreams are made of if you're willing to work for it.   

Happy Place - Keoni Hudoba
Happy Place - Keoni Hudoba Hawii

That being said, I love to just kick-back, cook an amazing dinner, make a cocktail (my go-to is Casamigos Blanco, Soda, and a splash of blood orange pellegrino, with a lime) , invite friends over, and have amazing conversations and laughs. 

My evenings are all about recentering, and finding that balance between the grind and the mind. Making sure I listen to my body and mind, and taking rest when needed.

December 10, 2021