New taste, smells, sights and friends. We love travel! So why not celebrate with a fun little travel feature. Meet Delfina and Joe, ocean minded travelers, that call California (and the rest of the globe, home.) We picked their brains on the world of globetrotting... 

Let's talk travel... What are your top 5 "Must Go Travel Destinations?"

1. Byron Bay, Australia

2. Bali, Indonesia

3. Siem Reap, Cambodia

4. Positano, Italy

5. Puerto Escondido, México

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What are some of your favorite places you've stayed at this year?

Since we are based in Southern California this past year, we tried to really explore the state. We stayed in Mission Bay, San Diego, and we went sailing and power-boating in the bay, which was a first for us! Our second big trip was a roadtrip in a motorhome from Joshua Tree to Big Sur :) It was an epic trip! Everynight we stayed at a new place, we slept under the stars, hiked in the desert and the forest and we had campfires on the beach! A local tip would be to travel around California in October, because the weather is perfect and it's way less crowded!

happy thoughts travelers in translation

Whats your "go to" travel essentials?

Our travel essentials are:

- Nikon Camera & photo gear

- Surfboard

- Sustainable & reusable water bottles

- Straw hats for the beach

The first thing I do when I get to a hotel is put on a cozy robe! Now that I have my Happy Place robe, it's becoming a new travel essential & I will be bringing it with me around the world! :) 

Happy Place Weightless Waffle Robe In Aloe

November 06, 2021