Say Hello to Olivia Doan. Olivia's life revolves around the lens, most of the time behind one, but not too shy to make her occasional appearance in front of one! Miss Doan is a young photographer from beautiful Southern California who made her splash in water photography at a very young age. Her ability to capture beauty in and out of the water is inspiring! We struck up a conversation with her about her amazing camera work...

What got you into photography?

One Christmas when I was about 11, my dad got my mom a camera. Let's just say as soon as she opened it I had big ol' googly eyes for it, and it instantly became an attachment to my hand

What's your favorite thing to shoot?

I love shooting people in their element. If that's in the water, on the sand, or just living their lives. I find when photographing people, they give a story to every photo even without saying a word. Growing up in a small beach town you are constantly surrounded with beauty, so the challenge for me was capturing how that made the people around me feel.

Where is your Happy Place when you're not traveling?

My home break that I grew up going to is Beacons Beach in Leucadia California. I was lucky enough to grow up with beacons being almost like my front yard, and most of my favorite photos were taken on the sands and in the waters of that break.

Visit Olivia's website to see more of Her work

September 25, 2021