Palm Trees, Waves and Beach Vibes… Alina Scherbakova’s interpretation of the summer lifestyle, instantly brings a smile to one’s face. Her soft lines and playful pen work, make you want to sit back on the beach, catch a sunset and enjoy a drink with a little umbrella in it!

What most inspires you when starting your art process?
A lot of times I love to review my work to get some inspiration from there. I also think about things that I like the most. It includes nature, old vehicles, and vintage design. Sometimes I go to the beach and watch people surfing, and stare at waves and palm trees. This is something that always inspires me.

What is your favorite thing about creating art?
It’s more than fun to me. The process itself is so relaxing. It makes me forget about all the worries. I love seeing ideas that give purpose to my art. That’s my favorite part.

Where is your Happy Place at Home?
My happy place is my desk in the living room. That’s where I hang with my family and dogs. It’s bright and cozy, and I’ve got a lot of good memories.

September 08, 2021