Tell us a little about yourself Garine...

I am Garine Kiroian. I Style and Stage spaces in the Los Angeles and Orange county , Ca. I enjoy family time, interiors, art, nature, and being tidy. I love a space that makes you feel amazing, belonged, grounded and happy. I hold a Masters in Human Development and was a teacher for more then 10 years then (long story short), I decided to follow my passion which was visual arts in interiors... Kiro Staging and Design was born.


@kirostaging on Instagram

What is the first step in your inspiration when staging a home?

My first step in inspiration is the feeling I get when I step into the home, how it flows, its bones, and the design also, but specifically the feeling.


What is your favorite room in a home to work with?

My favorite room is a hard one for every home is unique. However I do love stage the Living space for its typically the largest and the one where everyone simply wants to be in, so it has to be extra special.

For someone who is constantly creating Happy Spaces for others.  How do you unwind and find your Happy Place at home?

In the busy lifestyle we live in Los Angeles,  I definitely take time to be with nature with myself and family. Hikes at Eaton canyon, beach walks I just took one I needed to clear my vision for too many projects can clutter your head so the beach solo helps. And at home my baths never fail to really relax all my senses.


February 18, 2022