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Say hello to the Queen of Cocktails! Pip (aka @pipjolley) oozes fun and style in just about everything she does. That my friends has trickled down to her delicious drinkable creations. Here is a little recipe from our friend across the pond! Cheers!

Well Pip, for all those wonderful folks out there on the internet that are meeting you for the first time, want to introduce yourself?

Hi, I'm Pip, a full-time content creator (@pipjolley) and Queen of the cocktails (@drinkswithbarbarella). When I'm not taking pictures of my outfits or filming cocktail videos, you can find me walking my Miniature Schnauzer Pepper, or eating brunch somewhere in East London.


What plays the biggest influence in your style?

I've always been interested in different eras, but right now I would say I'm really influenced by the 70s. However, I never want it to look like I'm in costume, so, I love mixing it up and throwing in some more modern pieces.


Where do you find your happy place at home?

I would say my whole home is my happy place. I work from home, so it's really important that it makes me feel happy all the time.

What drink will you be making for us today?

Today we are making a Rum Blood Orange Sour. I love using ingredients that are in season and I'm quite partial to a sour cocktail. What I love about sours is that you swap out the spirit for anything else that you have in your home bar, and it will taste just as good. 


January 27, 2022