Look who decided to show up here today! Your curiosity must have brought you, and I am so glad it did. Welcome to your new source of all the Good Stuff, where we will dive into all things health, wellness, travel, and sustainability.

My name is Zoë, and here is a little about me...I live on the North Shore of Oahu, during the week, when I’m not working remotely from home or practicing yoga, you can find me free-diving, journaling at the beach, listening to an audiobook while I clean up the house, or laughing with my friends over a home-cooked meal. On the weekends, you’ll find me sailing at sunset, surfing outside my house, or out-and-about dancing with a spicy margarita in my hand.  

If you ask me where I’m from, I’ll usually say “Hawaii,” but that's only the short answer. I grew up traveling and living abroad in Germany, China, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Taiwan. By the time I moved to Hawaii to start high school, I had already lived in 12 different places, never for longer than 18 months at a time.

My nomadic lifestyle didn’t stop there, since then I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to over 20 new countries across the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. You can imagine I’ve learned a lot from traveling. I’ve experienced new cultures, tried new foods, heck I even picked up a language! “我说一点中文!”, but the most important thing I’ve learned in 24 years of life might come as a surprise to you — because it doesn’t involve plane tickets and passport stamps.

The most meaningful journey, the best journey of all, is the journey inward. This journey is what I like to call “the exploration of self” and can be experienced through your favorite hobbies, reading a good book, listening to podcasts, cooking a healthy meal, exercising, meditating, getting in touch with nature, and journaling.

This brings me back to why I’m here, and ultimately why the Happy Place Team selected me as your designated source for all the Good Stuff you’re about to read.

Buckle up and get ready because I’ve got a lot of exciting stories, tips, and insights to inspire you along your journey whether you decide to explore self-development or the world around you. Your curiosity led you here for a reason and I couldn’t be more excited.

Together we’re going to create the life you’ve been waiting for — a life full of positivity, loving relationships, healthy routines, nourishing foods, adventures, and thrilling new experiences.  So, let’s get to it! 

Welcome to the Good Stuff!
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October 31, 2022