Hi again! Look who’s back and ready for 2023?! New year, new you… We’ve heard that one before. But you might be thinking, how exactly do you get to the “new you” part? Well, I’ve decided to make it easy on you and provide you with a checklist to kickstart your best year yet. But before we get to it, how exciting is it that every year we get the chance to carve out space for new experiences, new lessons and new goals? How lucky are we that we have the power to create the life of our dreams? To set and achieve goals? To take care of ourselves? To connect with others? Think about this for a second. It is an absolute privilege to be alive. So, with that in mind, let’s get to our ultimate new year reset — so you can have the best year yet!

Clean your home! Declutter any areas that frustrate you the most. Maybe it’s that kitchen drawer you toss random things into or your closet that needs tending to. This is also an excellent opportunity to set aside items you want to sell or donate.

Redecorate, move furniture around, and change photos in frames. This will make your place feel fresh and new.

Clear out your inboxes, old texts, notifications, and voicemails. Unsubscribe to irrelevant emails. Unfollow and mute any accounts on social media that rob you of your joy.

Delete old screenshots and photos you no longer need from your phone. Back up the photos, you want to keep and order prints of your favorites!

Spend more time with your loved ones! Reconnect with your friends and family that you haven’t talked to in a while. Text them that you’re thinking about them, video chat, or set up a time to have them over, eat, or get outside.

Invest in your health and wellness. Treat yourself to a massage, facial, yoga class, or chiropractor adjustment. Or you could just simply commit to taking a multivitamin daily.

Set intentions for the new year. Choose your 2023 word to live by (example: connection, balance, success, self-love). Write it down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror or fridge.

Buy fresh flowers for your home. Who says you have to wait for someone to get them for you? If flowers aren’t your thing, you could get a new house plant.

Envision your best self and make a mental note of one thing you can do daily that will get you closer.

Set goals. Create a vision board. Make a bucket list. There’s so much ahead of you to be accomplished, experienced, and explored.

Forgive anyone that needs forgiveness. Let go. Practice grace. Move into the new year with a lighter heart and clearer mind!

I usually like to start going through this checklist a few days before New Year’s Eve, and I take about a week to complete it. However, you can really take however much time you need to reset. Feel free to share this checklist with any of your friends or family members that will appreciate a little extra motivation this holiday season. We only get one life; let’s live it!

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January 05, 2023